Monday, 11 August 2014

Ebola-- See How 50-year-old Nurse And Mother Of Four Succumbed To Death After Treating Late Liberian Ebola Victim

   Details have emerged on how the late 50-year-old nurse who was the first Nigerian infected with Ebola after treating she treated the Late Liberian who brought the virus to Nigeria.
The mother of four, who lost her husband just recently, making her the breadwinner of her family(name withheld) was on duty at the First Consultant Hospital, Obalende,when Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian, was brought in for treatment. She received Mr Sawyer after he was brought to the clinic. She carried out temperature checks and the result showed that his temperature was so high, she then administering the drip on Sawyer.

Like any diligent and compassionate caregiver would have done, she gave Sawyer all the care needed.She even assisted him into the bathroom by helping him to hold his drip when he requested to use the toilet. She would later attend to other patients who came to the hospital for treatment at that period.

Sawyer had told the medical team on duty that he had malaria. But after multiple test conducted on him showed no trace of malaria..My Sawyer failed to tell the hospital that he had contact with an Ebola victim and knowing full well how contagious the virus can spread. A second test was then carried out, which also did not show any trace of malaria. That was when the possibility that he may be suffering from a more serious ailment began to dawn on the medical team.
  When Sawyer was told of the possibility that he may have been infected with Ebola virus, he was said to have become enraged, and even demanded to leave, a request the hospital rejected. The hospital took a proactive step by informing relevant authorities of the presence of a suspected Ebola patient.

Even at the Liberian airport where he boarded an Asky Flight to Nigeria, he looked ill, avoided body contact with people at the airport in his country, and at a point before boarding, he laid down on his stomach - an indication that he was in great pain – as caught on the surveillance camera.
Even on arrival in Lagos, the Liberian was still terribly ill and was assisted out of the aircraft. Mr Sawyer died the next day in the hospital
The nurse who was among the first set of Nigerians that had primary contact with him died days after Sawyer’s death. Two of her children who were living with her have also been quarantined for close monitoring.

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