Friday, 15 August 2014

#DomesticViolence, See what this girl's boyfriend did to her

A South African lady, Lindiwe Manzi, took to twitter hours ago, to reveal injuries she suffered after a brutal assault by her boyfriend.
When fellas began blaming her on twitter for sticking with him,
she defended him saying

"An abuser is the most caring, loving and romantic person you will ever meet... It is easy to judge what has never happened to you looking from outside.... By making the abuse public, I was not seeking attention, I just wanted to help others in the same situation, no one has a right to abuse you. I accounted for every second of my life, if it was up to him he would have someone following everyday who would report to him....One thing which absolutely pisses me off is the fact that I don't look my age,people actually think I'm young, I hate that."
See her tweets and photo of horrific injuries below:

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