Saturday, 9 August 2014

A fan Once Offered Me His Wife–Orits Wiliki

Veteran reggae singer and music producer, Orits Wiliki, recently celebrated 30 active years on stage. Speaking to Sun, about his experience as a musician, he talked about working alongside on stage with other stars like Majek Fashek, Chris Mba. He said before going on stage for any performance, he isolates himself for 3 hours in order to mediate. Describing one of his shows that he would describe as most memorable, he said

 That was in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, in 1991 or 92, when I performed at an open field. As soon as my name was mentioned, those at the show formed two line; one on my right and another on my left. And the next thing I saw were cloths on the floor; fans took off their clothes for me to walk on and it was a distance of 150 metres. Another one was in Sapele, Olympia Cinema, when a male fan came on stage to dance and after exhausting all the cash he had, he pulled off his jacket gave it to me. After some time, he came on stage with a beautiful lady and said ‘take my wife, she is all yours since I don’t have money again.’

Asking if he accepted the woman, he said;
 No, I gave her back to him; that’s to show the extent fans can go to appreciate us.

Lol, this is to show the extent of that man's love for his wife by offering her to an artist just to show appreciation. I hope that woman divorced the man.

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