Friday, 28 March 2014

Gas Explosion Guts Area 1 Shopping Complex In Garki District Of Abuja

There was panic as residents and business people around the popular Area 1 Shopping Complex in the Garki district of Abuja, FCT, ran for their lives when gas cylinders exploded at a gas depot, near the complex, on Thursday. Many thought the dreaded Boko Haram sect were back to commit their havoc in Abuja again, considering the loud explosion.
         An eyewitness, Mallam Lawan Morocco, who saw what happened, disclosed that a pregnant woman had gone to re-fill her cylinder when a fire out-break led to the huge explosion.
“All the cylinders were filled with gas supplied. When the explosion occurred, people from the nearby houses started running for safety, thinking that it must be bomb explosion.”
According to him, during the explosion, over 20 gas cylinders flew in the air, causing so much confusion. There would have been casualties but for the chain used to hold down the cylinders. However, a jeep was burnt.

It was gathered that the owner of the gas shop, who escaped during the explosion out of fear for his life, could not do anything to put off the fire which started spreading everywhere.

Youths in the area tried to stop the fire but it was beyond them, because the cylinders were flying around. The fire was later contained and normalcy have returned. Police say they are on top of the situation

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