Saturday, 26 July 2014

Vera Sidika, Flaunts Her Yarnsh and Bobbi In New Photos

    If you haven't heard of Vera Sidika before then get ready to be fedup her gist regularly on blogs 'cos this chick is fame crazy... She not only bleached her skin till she appeared like a whiter version of Michael Jackson but also pumped up her butt so much so that if she fell into a pool of water, she would likely never drown as her bum could act as floatation devices...

              Vera claims to be dating a Nigerian oil tycoon who is stinkingly, and pays for her surgeries, has decided to also inflate her ''bobbi'', after reportedly spending 70,000 Dollars to pump the yarnsh and bleach her skin. She tok to Instgram to announce the new addition
Continue below to see the wonders of the Surgeon on Vera's body

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