Saturday, 26 July 2014

Finally Exposed--- Vera Sidika’s Oil tycoon Boyfriend is a Fake!

 Vera Sidika, is certainly the most talked about celebrity in Kenya right now. She has managed to make her name in the showbiz in rather controversial means, thanks to her unending drama.
           Well, after releasing a photo of her well done boob job, catchy information exposing her ‘ill’ behavior has surfaced, courtesy of Prezzo’s ex Chagga Barbie.

Chagga Barbie came out claiming Vera has been copy-pasting photos from other people’s social media accounts and later claiming ownership. The photo in question is one where Vera leans on a Mercedes Benz, wondering how ‘his man has so many cars.’
The same car  is seen on instagram user ‘@mrnowahala’s’ account, this time without Vera.

This user goes ahead to deny any association with Vera, saying he is tracking her for slander. Curiously, @mrnowahala’s profile on Instagram says, “CEO of Mexicrun Oil&Gas/investment” It adds that he is based in London, Nigeria and the USA.
The guy works in the oil industry; could he be the one Vera has been talking about?
Has Vera been taking us for a ride all along?

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