Monday, 28 July 2014

Annie Idbia Opens Up On How Her Parents Divorce Affected Her

 Celeb wife & actress Annie Idibia who is married to music legend 2Face idibia, has just opened up about her parents divorce and how it has affected her emotionally. She also speaks on how she was born with a silver spoon but things moved to plastic spoon levels when her parents divorced…awww poor thing…divorce is terrible for kids.

Read excerpts from the interview after the jump

    The Entertainer: How old were you when your parents divorced?

    Annie Idibia: Maybe, nine or 10. I was in primary school when it all happened and I remember everything but it is irrelevant talking about it now because we have moved on.

    The Entertainer: Your parents separated 20 years ago. How did it affect you?
    Annie Idibia: My mother bred us from childhood to adulthood because of the divorce. I was almost a tom boy growing up with my brothers. It’s heartbreaking when you live with your parents happily and suddenly, they part ways. Sincerely, we were terribly affected emotionally. It was especially tough where it was only our mother that was attending functions in school and taking care of our needs. It was emotionally sapping and my brothers have their own fair share of memories. It affected me so much while in secondary school because I was always sad going home after school hours to see my mother living without my father. But mum tried her best to make life meaningful for us; she is my hero. And I appreciate God for being there for us.

    The Entertainer: Growing Up

    Annie Idibia: We lived in Ibadan with our parents when my father was working with Mobil and my mother was a house wife. She remained a house wife until they separated. I was born with a silver spoon but I didn’t grow up with it. After their divorce, my mother got a job with Mobil working as a cook to support us. Thereafter, we moved to Jakande Estate, Lekki, Lagos. From there we moved to Thomas Estate, also on the Island. After the entire struggle, God has blessed us tremendously. I am the last child. My eldest brother is married and my elder brother lives in Atlanta; he is also married

The full interview appears in today’s edition (27th July) of The Sun Newspaper

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