Monday, 28 July 2014

Female Suicide Bomber Dies In Failed Attempt To Bomb University

   A female suicide bomber attempting to bomb a University in Kano state on Sunday, July 27 is died, according to the Nigeria police.
            The female bomber suspected to be 16 years of age was said to have walked towards the gate of the University when policemen guarding the University became suspicious of her motive.
Not comfortable, the policemen decided to isolate her and called for reinforcement from female police officers.

            Apparently the female bomber who had a bomb concealed inside her hijab, killed herself by detonating her explosives, while injuring five policemen in the suicide mission.
This is coming a day after, a suspected bomber allegedly connected to the Kaduna twin explosion who was dressed as a woman, clad in a female garb and brazier was caught by a patrol team in the state

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